After finding huge success behind the camera with the last four Harry Potter films, director David Yates has had some trouble nailing down his first post Potter project. He was briefly attached to such high profile films as an adaptation of Steven King's The Stand as well as a possible big screen Doctor Who, but neither came to fruition. Yates then set his sights on a much smaller project, signing on to direct Emma Forrest's memoir Your Voice In My Head, a film that would have reunited him with his Potter star Emma Watson.

I say Your Voice In My Head 'would have' reunited the two artists because Deadline reports that personal reasons have forced Yates to exit the proposed adaptation. Citing "a family health situation," the director will (understandably) not be able to move forward with the Warner Bros' drama about Forrest's life-saving relationship with her terminally ill psychiatrist. The small drama would have been a refreshing change for the director and actress, who have previously worked together only on the biggest of canvases, but the writers and producers apparently didn't want to postpone the project to allow enough time for Yates to return. Stanley Tucci is rumored for the role of the psychiatrist dying of cancer, but who knows what could change now that the film is forced to search for another director.

The article suggests that Yates might turn to Sony's A Reliable Wife when he feels ready to get back behind the camera. As for his leading lady, there is no mention of Emma Watson's plans to star in the project being altered by the announcement, and you can catch the young starlet next in The Perks of Being a Wallflower and then Sofia Coppola's Bling Ring. Any Coppola work is well worth anticipating, but seeing Watson in this outfit certainly piqued my curiosity. It's too bad that unforeseen problems have cancelled the reunion between Yates and Watson, but obviously family comes first. It's unknown who the studio has in mind for the project now, but they might have some trouble wrangling a filmmaker with a higher profile.

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