This summer’s The Help, based on Kathryn Stockett’s New York Times bestselling novel of the same name, pulled in a wildly successful 160 million at the box office. The Help is more than a moneymaker, though. People are all over the performances, with Cinema Blend’s Katey Rich naming Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer as likely contender’s for this year’s best and supporting actress nominations. If you didn’t catch The Help during its theatrical release, DreamWorks is bringing the film to Blu-Ray, DVD, digital download, and On Demand on December 6th.

It’s common to see historical-oriented extras with releases relating to a specific time or event, but less so with films loosely based on a premise or time period. However, The Help’s Blu-Ray combo packs will be extra helpful, and will include a featurette on the real maids of Mississippi. Blu-Ray copies will also include a “Making of “ segment, deleted scenes, and video for “Living Proof,” a song by Mary J. Blige. DVD and digital download copies will be more sparse, and will come with a few deleted scenes and the “Living Proof Video.”

If you need one more reason to see The Help, you needn't look any further than its popularity. By word of mouth, droves came out to see the film, winning the weekend three weeks in a row. The more people spoke about The Help’s messages and performances, the better it did. Even if The Help doesn’t end up being a film you could watch over and over again, it is certainly worth seeing at least once. That’s what On Demand releases are for.

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