That Tweet belongs to L.A. Times film reporter Amy Kaufman, who confirms what we already basically knew: A sequel to Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s The LEGO Movie is in the works at Warner Bros., with plans underway to figure out how, where and when the "Special" known as Emmet (Chris Pratt) can snap back into action.

We are in the earliest stages of the game, but there are a few details we can report on the LEGO Movie sequel, starting with…

Who’s Writing It?
Even before The LEGO Movie opened to $69 million at the box office – good for the second-highest February opening number of all time – Warner Bros. started the ball rolling on a second LEGO adventure. As we reported earlier, the studio hired screenwriters Jared Stern and Michelle Morgan to begin exploring possible storylines for a second LEGO movie. As far as we know, they are typing away on a screenplay as you are reading this.

Who are they? Stern’s writing credits include two Vince Vaughn vehicles, The Watch and The Internship. He also contributed additional story materials to Bolt, The Princess and the Frog and Wreck-It Ralph. But he also wrote Mr. Popper’s Penguins for Jim Carrey.

Morgan, meanwhile, wrote and produced Kristen Wiig’s recent Girl Most Likely (which was funnier than people give it credit for). And she directed a well-received short title K.I.T., about a guilt-ridden yuppie who wants to prove to people she’s a good person.

So, we have screenwriters. Do we have a director?

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