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Were you readers all aware that Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues is hitting theaters at the end of the month? I assume you did, if you’ve been alive and paying attention to any area of the general media in the last couple of months. (No offense to our undead readers.) Will Ferrell has taken his Ron Burgundy character from ESPN to a North Dakota newscast in an exhaustive but unique promotional campaign for the long awaited sequel. And he’s back to tell moviegoers exactly what they can expect if they drop the $33 for Fandango’s SuperTicket Premiere. Single people might not need to worry as much.

Those who want to see Anchorman 2 before the majority of Americans would buy it because they can watch it two days early, on December 16, the Monday before its Wednesday debut. Assuming you live near an AMC theater, because that is the only chain participating in this offer. It also pays for a digital download of the sequel weeks before it comes out on Blu-ray and DVD, and you get a download of the Wake Up Ron Burgundy, the "Lost" alternate cut of the original Anchorman. And – drumroll, please – a $5 concession card for AMC Theaters. What, no scotchy scotch scotch?

While $33 initially sounds more off-putting than Brian Fantana’s pungency, it’s actually paying $28 for a movie ticket and a home release, so long as you use AMC enough that the discount means something. I prefer Blu-rays and DVDs to digital downloads when it comes to comedies like this, even though I’m not among the film’s more rabid fanbase. Director Adam McKay has already mentioned there are enough alternate takes to make a second film out of this one as well, so the special features are going to be pretty stout. But some people just need the film, and that’s fine too.

So if you’re interested, just head over to the Fandango site to make your purchase. And then you might want to leave the house for a while. You don’t want to be there when Burgundy shows up to play some sweet, sweet music for your wife with his jazz flute. That’s a completely unendorsed metaphor for sex.

Let us know in the comments if you’re excited about this kind of deal, and perhaps how much you’d be willing to pay. While you’re thinking about it, take an offroad RV ride with the Anchorman 2 trailer below.

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