Here's What Emma Stone Could Look Like As Cruella De Vil

Disney’s Maleficent took one of the most purely evil characters from their animated film history and turned her into a wronged vehicle of vengeance. Can Disney do it again? They’re going to try, as it looks like the plans to move forward on a live-action movie about 101 Dalmatians villain Cruella de Vil are going into high gear. Rumors are circulating that Emma Stone is in serious negotiations to play the title role, so one artist has given us a beautiful, and deliciously evil, look at what Stone might look like in the role.

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The poster idea comes courtesy of SG Posters, who create original poster art based on numerous movie franchises. The image is based on a previously existing fashion photograph of the actress, but the change in coloring completely changes the look of the image. What would otherwise be a simple smile instead looks absolutely vindictive behind the bright red lipstick in an otherwise colorless picture. This single picture of Emma Stone conveys two things. Cruella is up to no good, and we can’t wait to watch her doing it. She’s missing the trademark streak of white hair (unless you count the shade to the left of the image), but this Cruella is much younger, so maybe she won’t have it yet?

The rumor just broke a couple of days ago that Emma Stone is in talks to take the iconic Disney role. This will obviously be an early origin story, as Cruella is usually portrayed as a much older woman. The movie could put us so early in Cruella’s story that there may be no mention of dalmatians whatsoever. The casting rumor follows on the heels of a report that Disney has hired Saving Mr. Banks writer Kelly Marcel to pen the script. It looks like the Mouse House is looking to shift this film into high gear, possibly with plans to begin filming sometime later this year.

If Emma Stone does take the role, she’ll have big shoes to fill. The role was previously played by the amazing Glenn Close in the live action 101 Dalmatians and its sequel. This is another reason that we’re guessing there will be no spotted puppies in this upcoming film. That live action movie has already been made, so there’s no reason for this movie to cover the same ground. All it will do is bring comparisons that Disney likely won’t want. However, this opens up the possibilities for a Cruella movie to deal with entirely new ideas. It’s very nearly a blank slate.

A cartoonishly evil Emma Stone sounds like a fun movie to us, and even though this isn’t a real poster, it’s the sort of thing that would draw us into a theater. How about you?

Dirk Libbey
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