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Mel Brooks once famously said, "It’s good to be the king." As it turns out, it’s not half bad being a prince either. You get to take personal tours of active movie studios while they’re filming one of the most secretive movies in all of Hollywood. Apparently, you also get a chance to film cameos in the same film. A new report says that England’s Princes William and Harry will be in Star Wars: Episode VIII, though we may not recognize them as they’ll be dressed as Stormtroopers.

Last week, we saw several photos taken from Pinewood Studios in London where Star Wars: Episode VIII is currently filming. The young royals were shown around the set. Harry got to sit in an A-wing fighter, the brothers got in a lightsaber battle and a good time was had by all it appears. However, that wasn’t the extent of their set experience. According to the Daily Mail, the brothers then got to suit up as Stormtroopers and film a cameo role. The scene in question reportedly deals with Rey and Finn trying to infiltrate a secret base together. They’re on a lift, along with Benicio Del Toro’s character, when a group of Stormtroopers gets on with them. William and Harry are apparently part of this group.

While there’s not much confirming this story, it certainly sounds like something which could very well be true. William and Harry would be following in the footsteps of Daniel Craig, who had a cameo in Star Wars: The Force Awakens playing a Stormtrooper as well. We also know that both Daisy Ridley and John Boyega were on set on the day the princes were there, though Benicio Del Toro was nowhere to be seen and nobody looks particularly ready to jump into filming.

As one would expect, nobody is confirming or denying the cameos from either the royal side of things or from Disney. As was the case with Daniel Craig’s cameo, even if this story is entirely true, we probably won’t know it until after the film has been released. Craig famously denied his own cameo when that news leaked, though it turned out to be true, so maybe this news is too.

We’re sure the princes would have jumped at a chance to be in Star Wars: Episode VIII if the opportunity was there, so we’ll certainly be on the lookout for this elevator scene when we finally see Episode 8. Of course, if the characters don’t ever speak, we may never know. 

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