One director search is over. Another one is unexpectedly just beginning.

The past couple of weeks has been filled with all kinds of director drama for the folks over at Marvel Studios. It all began when an unauthorized rewrite drove Edgar Wright away from the director’s chair for Ant-Man. The drama stirred up all kinds of conversations, concerning everything from Marvel’s relationship with its directors to whether or not an Ant-Man movie should even be made, but the story that has persisted the longest is the weirdly futile attempts to find Wright’s replacement. What’s going on in Hollywood when a Marvel Studios project can’t find a director?

As stressful as the whole Ant-Man situation may be for Marvel, however, the good news is that their search for a director to make one of their other anticipated projects has come to an end. It has been officially confirmed that Scott Derrickson is now going to be the man in charge of making the long-awaited Doctor Strange movie. Derrickson is a filmmaker with a very mixed track record, but he’s an interesting choice for the gig to say the least.

Joining me on the show this week to sort out all of this Marvel director madness is the fantastic Amirose Eisenbach, Senior Editor from AMC Movie News. There’s a ton to talk about, so hit the play button above now!

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