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SPOILER WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Captain America: Civil War. If you have not yet seen the film, you may want to stay away from this Hero Blend episode, and check out another one of our wonderful articles.
Films from Marvel Studios typically have to deal with a particular balancing act. Simultaneously, each film needs to be understandable to and entertaining for both the obsessive fans and the complete newbies. On a certain level, however, Captain America: Civil War throws that idea out the window, as it is not only immensely more enjoyable with knowledge of the franchise, but it also paves the way for a lot of exciting things to come in the future.

Captain America: Civil War is the first film in Marvel Studios’ Phase Three plans, and with its plethora of characters and epic, sprawling story, we expect that we will be experiencing shockwaves from the events for the next few years. What will come of Captain America and the Avengers he broke out of The Raft? What kind of relationship can we now expect between Tony Stark and Peter Parker in the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming? We’ve met the titular hero and gotten a peak at Wakanda, but what will the Black Panther movie be about? We cover all those subjects and more in this week’s Hero Blend!

Joining me as my co-host this week is the always-awesome Roth Cornet from HitFix, who matches my level of excitement for the next few years of Marvel Cinematic Universe films, and has some very interesting theories regarding how it’s all going to unfold. Enjoy the show!

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