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The gossip queens of NYC are caught up in the rumor mill yet again. After Kim Cattrall 'hinted' at the possibility of a third Sex And The City movie, New Line Cinema swooped in to refute the claim.

It really wasn't much of a hint at all. According to Daily Mail, while making an appearance on the Jonathon Ross Show, Cattrall was asked about a third go-around to which she replied, “We'll tell stories as long as they're there to tell.” Let's get serious here; only the super hopeful could have taken this as a hint at a trilogy. The lone way to make this claim sound somewhat legitimate is by considering the slew of other questionable buzz, namely that the studio would have to churn out additional films fast to avoid aging issues.

Just yesterday we reported on a dubious story from The Sun claiming that a third SATC film was being fast-tracked. A source told the publication, "There is also a third movie on the go. It's under wraps for publicity reasons." That individual added, "It makes sense to film the second and third movies back-to-back. The characters will look a lot younger on screen when the third movie is out in a couple of years."

Just a day later Digital Spy ran a story in which a New Line representative issued this simple statement concerning Cattrall's claim: “This is not true.” I find it hard to believe it's that cut and dry. I also find it hard to believe that if the second film is as successful as its predecessor that New Line won't venture on to another one.

SATC is a rumor-heavy topic with most updates being as fake as the Louis Vuitton purse you bought on the streets of Time Square. After the second film makes its way into theaters on May 28th, we should get a clearer outlook.

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