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Hilarious Batman Video Dares to Rip Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight To Shreds

This video will change the way you watch videos that change the way you watch movies. Did you follow? For those of you who don’t know, Clickhole is the subsidiary of The Onion that pokes fun at Internet culture. The site’s latest, genius bit is to spoof all those videos that claim to change the way you watch movies with the interesting facts they reveal. While Clickhole previously tackled The Matrix, the latest installment hones in on The Dark Knight, and the spoof is hilariously spot on. Watch it below.

The Internet is oversaturated with these kinds of videos, but Clickhole’s spin is refreshing, mainly because it’s not filled with interesting facts. Instead, the narrator spoofs all these tidbits with fake ones, like how the burned side of Two-Face’s face was played by acclaimed motion-capture actor Andy Serkis of the Planet of the Apes prequels. With all those people out there who take Onion articles at face value, we wonder how many of these folks will watch a video like this and believe these are legitimate behind-the-scenes morsels.

This is not to say that there aren’t interesting video essays out there on the web. The digital space is completely overrun by them. Many more are not even that interesting, are over exaggerated, or riddled with elaborate fan theories that aren’t facts about the film. Those are the ones Clickhole is poking fun at, made apparent by such points as Christopher Nolum’s (yes, Nolum) cameo in the film, "Heath Ledger’s last role before he finally died," how "nobody should like" the non-CG truck-flipping scene because anyone can flip a truck, and the convoluted theory at the end of how Commission Gordon is actually Batman who’s actually the Joker.

As we previously mentioned, an earlier installment of this series was The Matrix, which again changed the way we looked at this movie. For instance, did you know Carrie-Anne Moss who plays Trinity interviewed the widows of dead cops to find out how their husbands died? Yeah, that didn’t happen, but hopefully you get the point of it all. You can watch that video below.

And there you go! You will never be able to watch The Dark Knight or The Matrix the same way again. Mission accomplished.