Hilary Swank Eyes Jeremy Renner For Lou Gehrig Disease Drama

Hilary Swank is a tough nut to crack. The two-time Oscar winner certainly has a nose for dramatic projects that dissect complicated subject matter. At the same time, the actress-producer also has shown she’s capable of attaching her name to forgettable fluff like P.S. I Love You or the currently screening rom-com, Something Borrowed.

Which avenue will Swank head down if she teams with Jeremy Renner, as is being rumored over at IndieWire, for an adaptation of Michelle Wildgen’s You’re Not You … and will audience members follow? In the wrong hands, the story of a thirtysomething woman with Lou Gehrig’s disease could turn into a Lifetime Movie of the Week. But the same probably could have been said of Clint Eastwood’s masterful Million Dollar Baby, and look how that turned out.

Swank, who tells IndieWire she’s interested in transitioning into more of a producing role for the next phase of her career, said she’d like Renner for the role of the sick woman’s husband. At the very least, it’s a wise decision to snare a solid actor like Renner for any potential project. And I’d much rather see Swank push for a You adaptation than the sequel for Something Borrowed, titled Something Blue, which she holds the rights to. But we’ll see which movie moves down the pipeline quicker in time.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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