Holiday Gift Guide: What To Give Horror Movie Fans, Including Exclusive Discounts

jack the nightmare before christmas
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You better watch out! You better not cry. You better not pout, I'm telling you why: time for holiday shopping is running out fast! But don't panic, we're here to help by providing a series of gift guides that will make it easier than ever to pick the perfect present for the movie lover on your list. Not only do we have a selection of great gift ideas, but also we've got some exclusive discounts for Cinema Blend readers!

Our previous gift guides have already offered ideas for the sci-fi fan or the nostalgic movie-lover, and The Hobbit geek on your list. Today, we've got a selection of cool alternatives for the horror fanatic in you life.

Nightmare Before Christmas

If your household loves to add a bit of horror to the holidays, then you'll appreciate these Nightmare Before Christmas inspired gifts. Threadless has an excellent selection of tees featuring Jack Skellington, Oogie Boogie, and more of the creepy cast. Take your pick at $23.50. The Disney Store has their own array of Nightmare Before Christmas gear, including this charming Sally ornament. Get her or Jack for just $5.25 each! Bubble and Geek, which makes a plethora of pop culture inspired perfumes, lip balms and scented candles, offers the roll-on perfume Sally's Song, a blend of sweet, romantic florals with a whiff of patchwork cotton and autumn leaves. Normally $7, you can get 10% off your entire order by entering the code CINEMA10 at checkout.


If you like the idea of giving the horror aficionado on your list a T-shirt, but want one with a bit more bite, check out these darkly inspired tees. For the classic horror lover, consider this Vincent Price portrait tee, which features the smirking star of The Masque of the Red Death and House on Haunted Hill for $24.99. If they are more an enthusiast of Evil Dead, your loved one is sure to scream (in delight) over this Bruce Campbell Cream of Evil tee, which features a quadruple dose of the B-movie icon. For something a bit more twisted, get this Silence of the Lambs-inspired tee, that features Hannibal Lecter as a chilling restaurateur. Bistro Hannibal, where "you are what you eat!" Both are just $14.99 at Tshirt Bordello.


Searching for a gift for that geek girl whose giddy over gore? She's likely to love these terror-rific baubles. This stylish Psycho cuff bracelet pays homage to Alfred Hitchcock's most iconic scene. $40 at Jabelee Design. Or get some cool and creepy cameo jewelry from Cudage. The zombie necklace is typically $24; the Frankenstein & Bride earrings are $10. But through the end of the year, Cudage is offering a 20% discount off your entire purchase. Be sure to enter the code cinemablend at checkout!

Poster & Prints

Add a splash of horror to your décor—or that of a loved one—with these eye-catching minimalist prints. The Shining poster features a key prop, and if you look close, it's made up of the repeated phrase "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." Normally priced at $15, Entropy Trading Company is offering our readers a 10% discount off of your entire order. Just enter the code CINEMA10 at checkout. Or pick from Team Welser's selection of horror-inspired prints, from The Burbs to The Re-animator and The Thing. $20 each.


Whether your horror fan has a dark sense of humor, an interest in academics, or a love of reading chilling tales, we've got a book that's sure to thrill. For your friend that loves discussing what movie monsters represent, there's Carol J. Clover's Men, Women and Chain Saws, a film theory book that explores the gender dynamic in horror, from the final girl to slasher tropes and voyeurism. Fans of Zombieland will appreciate Max Brooks' Zombie Survival Guide, which offers plenty of sage advice in case of a zombie attack, like "Use your head: cut off theirs." If you know someone who gushes over Goosebumps, get them a copy of R.L. Stine's first horror novel for adults, Red Rain, where the monsters are some creepy kids! For something off the beaten path, consider Joey Comeau's One Bloody Thing After Another, a novel about a girl coping with an undead mother. It's chilling, touching and darkly funny in turn.

For Kids!

Of course, horror isn't all R-rated gore and flesh. There's also scary movies made to delight younger audiences. And for these budding horror fans we've got a selection of tees and toys that'll encourage their macabre interests. Threadless has a variety of cute tees from this Universal monsters shirt to this King Kong-inspired sock monkey tee (both $8.99 while supplies lasts) and this Jaws-themed Cookie Monster onesie (also available in tees, and in adult sizes from $18.50-23.50) For something cuddlier, consider My First Cthulhu plush! $18.99 and suggested for ages 3 and up. Older kids are sure to squeal over Air Swimmers. These remote-controlled inflatable terrors (available in Jaws-like shark and zombie shark) measure in at 57"x36" and can climb and descend, using their tail fin control to turn. Recommended for ages 3 and up (there's also a clown fish option for easily frightened kids). Now $39.99.

Check back next week for our last gift guide of the season!

Kristy Puchko

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.