Horse Tragically Killed On Fast & Furious 8 Set In Bizarre Circumstances

Filmmaking can be a dangerous profession. Injuries and deaths occur on film sets with more frequency than we would like to admit. Sometimes it’s a member of the production that gets hurt, other times it’s a harmless animal that gets caught in the crossfire. The production of Fast & Furious 8 just found that out the hard way, as a horse recently died on set due to a horrible accident. Get the grisly yet bizarre details below.

A new report from TMZ indicates that a horse was killed near the set of Fast & Furious 8 while the highly anticipated film was shooting in Iceland. Named Jupiter, the horse was innocently grazing nearby when winds picked up a piece of fake Iceberg the production had used for a sequence in the film, and slammed it into the animal. As a result of the collision with the iceberg, Jupiter suffered a severe broken leg and had to be put down. I’ve reported on quite a bit of entertainment news in my time, good and bad, but that has to be one of the strangest reports I’ve ever seen.

The report also indicates that another horse received injuries during the accident, but unlike Jupiter it's expected to make a full recovery. Fast & Furious 8’s crew reached out to the owner of the horse to inform them of the tragic accident, and have confirmed that insurance will cover the damages from the incident. That has to be the most unusual call that insurance adjuster will receive all week.

Like we have already stated, filmmaking can prove itself to be a dangerous business if those involved aren't careful. Numerous major film productions have seemed plagued by accidents in recent months – often resulting in tragedy for those involved. We only recently reported on several incidents during the production of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, which saw one member of the crew killed and stuntwoman Olivia Jackson (pictured above) permanently disfigured on two separate occasions. Similarly, Jackie Chan’s recent movie Skiptrace also experienced a major tragedy when the film’s cinematographer died while on set.

Although Jupiter may not have been part of the actually Fast & Furious 8 production, our condolences go out to its owner, as well as everyone involved in the tragic occurrence. We will keep you up to date regarding all of the latest and greatest updates related to Fast & Furious 8 as they become available to us, and we will keep our fingers firmed crossed that nothing like this happens anytime soon. Fast & Furious 8 will race its way into theaters on April 14, 2017. Stay tuned for more details!

Conner Schwerdtfeger

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