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How Aquaman's Costume Will Be Different Than What We've Seen

The hype train for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice left the station months ago and we’ve been juggling multiple heroes and villains ever since. One of those heroes that we still don’t know much about is Jason Momoa’s Aquaman. Now we’ve received a bit of information that implies that even the little bit we do know, like what he looks like, may not be entirely accurate. It looks like there will be at least a little of the classic Aquaman colors making an appearance.

The man who would be King of the Seven Seas, Jason Momoa, was interviewed by The Robot’s Voice and asked about the shift away from the classic comic look. According to him, it won’t be entirely gone. He said:

Well, there might be some bit of orange and green. A bit of respect to prior work, but I think he is meaner now and upset – look at what has been done to our oceans. That’s his world that has been polluted.

Classic Aquaman is adorned in an orange top and green pants, as in the image above. It was several months ago when director Zack Snyder unveiled what the DC Extended Universe version of Aquaman will look like in this image, where there was no orange or green to be found.


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It’s possible that there is some orange or green in the original image, but that it was lost in the obvious desaturation of color. It’s also possible that was done intentionally to make the final version of the costume still a bit of a surprise, but honestly, muted colors were a trademark of Man of Steel, and the trailers for BvsS certainly gives the impression that the look will not change much.

However, close examination of the bottom of the image (which is not an area I had previously given much attention to) reveals it’s possible there is some green in the bottom half of the costume, which we have yet to really see. This would match one of Aquaman's later comic incarnations, which is the version that Snyder’s Aquaman has obviously taken some inspiration from.

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Still, even if there’s a bit of color in the outfit, it looks like Momoa’s Aquaman will be a dark, gritty, brooding Aquaman who’s angry with humanity. Because it’s a DC movie, so of course he is. Which Aquaman would you like to see in Dawn of Justice

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