Adrian Grenier Will Cameo In The Aquaman Movie Under One Condition

Thanks to a memorable story on the long-running series Entourage, Adrien Grenier will likely long be associated with the DC Comics character Aquaman - having played the character in a fictional movie on the HBO show. But is there any chance that the actor could wind up making an appearance in the Aquaman film that is now in active development at Warner Bros.? It turns out that the answer is yes, but only if one of his Entourage co-stars can join in the fun as well.

Still on the publicity tour for the Entourage movie that dropped into theaters here in the United States last month, Adrien Grenier recently did an interview with MTV UK, and one of the journalists questions was in regard to whether or not the actor would be game for making a cameo in James Wan's upcoming Aquaman film. Sitting alongside co-stars Jerry Ferrara and Kevin Dillon, Grenier name-dropped Dillon's character when giving his response:

I would do it if Johnny Drama can have a part as well.

Within the world of Entourage, Aquaman was a James Cameron-directed summer blockbuster that came out in 2006 that starred Grenier's Vincent Chase as the titular hero. It wound up setting an opening weekend record - $116,844,114 at that time - and while it was planned as the first of a trilogy, Chase wound up getting out of his contract and replaced by Jake Gyllenhaal. You can actually see a quick clip from the "film" below:

Not much is known about the direction of James Wan's Aquaman movie just yet, but it is pretty clear that Jason Momoa's take on the character is quite different than the fictional version from Entourage. Kurt Johnstad - who co-wrote both 300 and 300: Rise of An Empire - is working on the script for the movie with the director, and the plan is to have the movie come out the year after 2017's Justice League film (The Flash starring Ezra Miller is also on the books for 2018. The underwater superhero has been confirmed to have a role to play in Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and if rumors are to be believed, he may make an appearance in David Ayer's Suicide Squad as well.

Given that both the Entourage show and the movie had Warner Bros. on-board as a producer, it isn't completely outside the realm of possibility that an Adrien Grenier could make a cameo in Aquaman... but is that something you want to see? Hit the comments with your thoughts.

Eric Eisenberg
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