How Deadpool's Relationship Will Change Over The Course Of The Movie

A lot of the press surrounding the forthcoming Deadpool film has been focusing on the action and comedic elements, but even a smart assed assassin needs some love in their lives. Strangely enough, Morena Baccarin has recently dished that her on-screen relationship with Ryan Reynolds is going to be a little more front and center than we thought.

During a recent set visit with, Baccarin mentioned how Vanessa Carlyle, Wade Wilson's love interest before he became Deadpool, is going to be a crucial part to the film's overall story. Thanks to a fair amount of narrative jumping between the past and the present, Vanessa appears throughout the film, and according to the former Firefly cast member, we'll be seeing a lot of her. She describes her arc in the film thusly: see Wade start to get sick and he gets cancer, and then their relationship becomes all about trying to save him and he...finds a way to push her away...then you see her at the very end again, um, because he’s been basically just trying to find a way to be comfortable with his crazy face and body now and get her back.

While we've seen Wade Wilson's relationship with Vanessa on display in the trailer, it was to be assumed that it would be as briefly addressed in the film as it was in the promotional materials. With Deadpool's relationship history in the comics being as complicated as you'd expect for any fast talking playboy, it didn't seem like we were going to see too much of a love story in the Tim Miller directed comic flick. However, Baccarin's claims to the contrary actually have us excited for the possibilities, as a pure Deadpool movie might be a little too much for an initial outing. That, and even throughout his comic run, Deadpool has been known to be a bit of a softy from time to time.

Morena Baccarin also went on record, during said set visit, as stating that the entire film will take place over a period of 8 years, so Wade Wilson's acceptance of his role as Deadpool will take quite some time. Already this starts to make us wonder how involved the Deadpool film will be. In particular, the fact that the film takes place in the X-Men universe has us thinking about where the 8 year long story of Deadpool's genesis will fit into the canon. Considering the film uses Colossus, and looks to be set at some point in our modern world, we could assume that any point beyond X2: X-Men United will be fair game.

Taking into account the X-Men franchise's pull on Deadpool's story, as well as the love story that Ryan Reynolds and Morena Baccarin will get the chance to tell in-between the battles and wise-cracks, Deadpool sounds like an even more exciting prospect than it did when we thought it'd be a straight up comedy. With February 12, 2016 marking the day the world will know what Wade Wilson is truly capable of, we know what we'll be looking forward to once Star Wars: The Force Awakens gets done blowing our minds.

Mike Reyes
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