More Supporting Characters From The Comics
More Supporting Characters From The Comics
Aside from the superhero team itself and Doctor Doom (more on him in the next section), the only character from the Fantastic Four mythos included in the reboot was Susan and Johnny Storm’s father, and now he’s dead. Admittedly, because Marvel Studios has most of the Marvel library at their disposal, this leaves Fox with few options, but there are still some supporting characters that could improve this series. The sequel might benefit from introducing Ben Grimm’s girlfriend, Alicia Masters, a blind sculptress. Just like in the movies from the 2000s, she could help him come to terms with his monstrous form. Maybe Fantastic Four 2 can find some cool sci-fi way to introduce Reed and Susan’s children, Franklin and Valeria, who have their own special abilities. The closer these movies can resemble the comics, the better.

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