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How Ice Cube Feels About Straight Outta Compton's Golden Globes Snub

The Golden Globes were announced yesterday and as could be predicted, they were a hot mess. While most of the nominations were not surprising, there were several that made no sense, and there was an entire separate awards show worth of movies that got snubbed. One of those that was completely ignored was the biopic about the early days of rap group N.W.A, Straight Outta Compton. The movie was a hit with both critics and audiences and has seen some recognition in other year-end awards lists, so seeing it get entirely ignored by the Globes seems like a crime. So what does producer Ice Cube think of his movie being treated like that? As his name would imply, he’s keeping his cool about it.

Ice Cube was really the driving force behind getting the movie made so any injury to the movie’s credibility would be as much a shot against him as anybody else. Still, Cube seems to be taking the whole thing in stride. TMZ caught up with actor/rapper/producer and asked him how he felt about the whole situation. For him, the awards don’t seem to hold much sway.

It’s a great movie. For sure. But you know we’re getting recognized on a whole lot of other levels, so everything from here on out is gravy.

Those "other levels" Ice Cube is referring to probably have more to do with the film’s overall critical reception and it’s impressive box office tally. The movie currently sits with an 89% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and that’s just among critics. Its audience rating sits even higher. Add to that the fact that the movie doubled its production budget at the box office on opening weekend and then went on to become a certified blockbuster, and it’s easy to see why Cube may not be worrying about awards. He knows he helped make one of the biggest and best movies of the year. If The Golden Globes don't know that, that’s their problem. Check out the video of the exchange below. Ice Cube really doesn’t look like he’s just trying to cover disappointment. He truly doesn’t seem to give a damn.

There were absolutely some great nominees by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, so the competition was certainly tough. This goes for both the drama and musical categories. (If The Martian is a comedy then we’re really not sure whether a biopic about a rap group is a drama or a musical). Regardless, we’re still a little shocked that Straight Outta Compton saw no love at all. Even if Ice Cube couldn’t care less.

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