How Much Does It Cost To Be Batman?

If you dream of becoming a superhero someday, you have pretty much two ways of going about it. The old-fashioned way is to wait for something spectacular to happen to you-- a bite from a radioactive spider, a ring gifted by a dying alien, a super-soldier serum injection-- and then let the superpowers do their work. But if you've got access to vaults of cash/a family business/lots of new technology, you can always just buy your way into being a superhuman.

That's the method for two of the most popular superheroes running today, Batman and Iron Man, and even with the realism of Christopher Nolan Batman films, we've never been given a very good sense of how much cash Bruce Wayne is working with, and just what it costs to pull off that Batman lifestyle. Enter, who put together a handy and massive infographic about just how much it would cost to be Batman. They did one for Iron Man as well, but with Batman being the man of the hour thanks to The Dark Knight Rises, we'll feature him here. Have you ever wondered how much Alfred probably makes? Or how much a custom cowl would cost to make up the Batsuit? How about the grappling hook? It's all here below. Read it and weep-- unless you've got several hundred millions lying around, in which case, what are you waiting for?

Image source: MoneySupermarket;

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend