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Now that we’ve all had time to properly reflect on Star Wars: The Force Awakens, it’s clear that, while the movie is still pretty good, it wasn’t without its problems. If there’s one group that knows how to fix the problems with movies, it’s the team at How it Should Have Ended. They’ve finally decided to take aim at the biggest movie ever and they’ve found quite a few changes that should have been made. Do...do we need to do the spoiler thing? Yeah, there are spoilers.

Much of the video is actually dedicated to fixing holes in the movie rather than specifically dealing with how it ended. We have to admit that that if TR-8R had just shot Finn, that fight would have been over much sooner. Also, the whole light speed approach thing? We all knew that was a bunch of BS, right? The act of turning off the engines would have taken longer than their window of time to avoid crashing into the planet. The way it happens in this video is exactly as it would have really happened. We can forgive these issues because the movie was still fun, but they’re not wrong. Also, bonus points for giving the Daniel Craig Stormtrooper a bow tie. Nice touch. Also, make sure to view through the credits as there are a couple of additional great scenes there.

As far as how the movie should have ended, the video does bring up an interesting point. In The Empire Strikes Back, Luke Skywalker is able to sense that Han and Leia are in trouble from star systems away, and that was when he was busy training. Certainly Luke would have known that Han Solo was in danger while standing on his island looking at the ocean waiting for somebody to show up. Isn’t he at least slightly guilty for Han’s death, since he didn’t come to his friend’s aid? Of course, we know we’re at least a full movie, if not two, from seeing that showdown, but Luke could have likely saved a lot of people a lot of grief if he'd moved into action.

You can tell that the people behind this video truly enjoyed making it. The Youtube description says they all saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens multiple times, so they’re among the numerous fans that helped make the movie one of the biggest of all time. The film recently crossed the $900 million mark domestically and the $2 billion mark globally. So yeah, it's a hit.

What do you think about how The Force Awakens should have ended? Are there any other scenes that you would have liked to have seen change.