Watch This Modern Trailer For Empire Strikes Back And Try Not To Freak Out

Many fans loved The Force Awakens because of the way it felt like a classic Star Wars movie. But what if a classic Star Wars movie felt more like The Force Awakens? One fan has gone back to The Empire Strikes Back and created a new, modern movie trailer that makes the movie feel even more epic than ever before. You can watch it below but be warned, you may need to go pop in the movie immediately after watching it.

The trailer borrows some music as well as much of the mood from the early trailers for The Force Awakens. The opening sequence also borrows from the "There has been an awakening" dialogue between Kylo Ren and Supreme Leader Snoke and uses a similar scene with Darth Vader and the Emperor. It’s a very nice touch. Much like the Force trailer filled us with wonder about what the new movie would have in store for us, this one does the same thing. This is all the more impressive since we’ve seen The Empire Strikes Back a hundred times, yet somehow we can still imagine what it would be like to see this without all that foreknowledge. If we hadn’t already seen this movie, we would need to see this movie.

It’s also great to get a new, modern trailer for Empire because the fact is, the original one kinda sucked. In the modern age, movie trailers have become a big deal. The release of trailers have become events unto themselves. They’re created as mini films. The best ones invoke our emotions just like the movie itself is supposed to. This wasn’t always the case. If you’ve ever watched trailers to older movies, you’d be forgiven for wondering why anybody ever went to see them. Here is what the original trailer for The Empire Strikes Back looked like.

Is that even a movie you’d want to go see? Empire is generally considered to be the best of the entire Star Wars saga, yet with this trailer, it doesn’t look nearly as amazing as it actually was. The voiceover is terrible. It’s actually done by Harrison Ford and while he sounds fine, the words he’s reading are just awful.

We’re glad trailers have evolved since 1980. We’re also glad fans are out there creating things like this so that we can continue to see classics like this in new ways.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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