How Tron 3 Fans Are Trying To Rescue Disney's Cancelled Sequel

After a couple months of buildup that began back in March, it appears that Tron 3 is officially dead. Last week, it was widely reported that the Walt Disney Company had decided to not move forward with the project, and will keep Tron and Tron Legacy as the only two films in the series. Well, it turns out that some fans are not too happy with this development, and have been working on a way to try and get the movie going again.

A new petition has popped up over on the website in support of getting Disney to change their decision and to get the motor running on Tron 3 once again. While it took a little time to get its feet under it, the signatures have begun pouring in, and at the time that this article is being published, the total number of fans who have signed the page is up to 17,332. The message of the call for action is pretty clear, with the opening statement saying that the idea is to "show Disney that The Grid is too great to never be shown again and to prove that Flynn lives."

It's not entirely clear why the Walt Disney Company decided to shut Tron 3 down, but looking at the box office returns of the last movie it's hard to argue that it's because of money. While Tron Legacy didn't exactly get the best reviews, it did wind up being an international hit. Though it was an expensive film to make - costing a reported $170 million before marketing - it wound up pulling in over $400 million before it left theaters around the world.

Tron 3 was going to be directed by Joseph Kosinski (Tron Legacy, Oblivion), and early reports said that production was going to begin in October up in Vancouver, Canada. Garrett Hedlund was expected to reprise his part as Sam Flynn in the film - which was rumored to be titled Tron Ascension - and Olivia Wilde confirmed that the movie would further investigate the significance of her character, Quora, being taken out of the world of The Grid and into the real world. Unless this new petition works, it sounds like we may never get to see that story told up on the big screen.

If you feel strongly about Disney making a Tron 3, you should probably do yourself a favor and sign the petition linked to above. But let's take a quick poll now, shall we? Do you think that the next Tron movie should be made? Answer below!

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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