The Hunger Games Hit Blu-Ray And DVD This August

The bigscreen adaptation of Suzanne Collins' hit YA book The Hunger Games landed in theaters with a mighty splash this past March, having gone on to make over $600 million worldwide. If you're a die-hard Hunger Games fan who's been wondering when you could add the movie to your home collection, the word is in: Hunger Games will arrive on Blu-Ray, DVD, On Demand, and Digital Download on August 18th. And as a sign of just how big a deal this is expected to be, they're doing a midnight release, so some of you may want to start sewing your cosplay costumes and lining up in front of Best Buy right away.

As you might expect for a high-profile release like this, they're packing in a nice selection of bonus features, including an eight-part making-of documentary and one Blu-ray exclusive featurette. Here's the full rundown of extras.

The Hunger Games Blu-ray & DVD Special Features

  • "The World is Watching: Making of The Hunger Games" -- an eight-part documentary covering the "making of" the film in all aspects from the pre-production process all the way through the theatrical release and fan reactions.
  • "Game Maker: Suzanne Collins and The Hunger Games Phenomenon" featurette
  • "Letters from the Rose Garden" featurette -- insights from Donald Sutherland on the development of his role as President Snow
  • "Controlling the Games" featurette -- stories and concepts behind creating the control center
  • "A Conversation with Gary Ross and Elvis Mitchell"
  • Propaganda Film (in its entirety)
  • Marketing Archive
  • "Preparing for The Games: A Director's Process" (Blu-ray Exclusive)

The Blu-ray version of The Hunger Games will list for $39.99, and the DVD for $30.98.