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Terrence Howard is getting plenty of acclaim this year. While it’s unfortunate very little of it is for my favorite film of the year thus far, Crash, the bulk of it is for Hustle & Flow, which already has Howard’s face plastered on banner ads “for your consideration” on Variety.com among other places. So now that Howard has his name out there, what’s next for the up and coming actor? How about a sequel?

Yes, that’s right. Howard recently announced to MTV that a sequel to Hustle & Flow has already been written and the cast is returning for a sequel to the sleeper hit of the summer. Can anyone say 2 Hustle 2 Flow?

Actually, other then Howard’s comment, nothing is known about the sequel including any potential storyline. According to Howard, filming will start by the end of next year which sounds like this is more of a planned out film then a knee-jerk attempt to cash in on the first film’s success. Reactionary sequels for smaller films like Hustle & Flow typically start filming as soon as possible.

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