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Imogen Poots Joins Andre 3000's Jimi Hendrix Biopic

Remember when we told you a Jimi Hendrix biopic with Andre Bejamin in the lead was getting ready to start filming momentarily? It's still really happening, and the production’s ramping up its schedule by adding cast members left and right.

Variety says that Fright Night beauty Imogen Poots has been added to the ensemble of All is By My Side, without revealing who she’ll play in the anticipated biopic. Poots joins Benjamin and Captain America: The First Avenger hottie Hayley Atwell in the indie effort, which will attempt to capture the soul of the man behind the portrait of a rock God.

As we mentioned in our earlier post, By My Side is setting up shop in Ireland, asking the Emerald Isle to stand in for London and New York City as John Ridley explores Hendrix’s musical accomplishments. Variety says Ridley’s screenplay is “a love story at heart,” so it’s expected that either Atwell or Poots will play Linda Keith, who discovered Hendrix playing in The Cheetah Club in Manhattan and helped push him further into the spotlight.

Without question, Hendrix is one of those larger-than-life entertainment icons who deserves a feature film (or multiple feature films) dedicated to their accomplishments. And if they are going to go with a feature film over a traditional documentary, then casting Andre 3000 is the right way to go. I want to know who Poots is playing in the production, but since it sounds like By My Side is racing into production overseas, we’ll likely hear more about this movie very soon, so stay tuned.

Sean O'Connell

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