Incredible New Movie Poster Technology!

The movie industry is right on the edge of massive innovation. I’m not talking about DVDs or downloadable movies. I’m talking about a fundamental change in the way we think about movies, and the way we watch them in theaters. I’m talking 3D. It’s not just a gimmick anymore, the future is now. In a couple of years James Cameron’s Avatar may change everything. 3D movies may become the norm, erasing piracy (since you can’t get the 3D effect at home) and bringing people back to theaters.

Maybe. Right now, we have to wait and see.

But movies aren’t the only part of the movie industry on the verge of a technological overhaul. Movie poster technology has just taken a huge step forward. Flying cars? Not yet, but how would you like to watch video on a sheet of paper?

Today AICN posted a link to the coolest thing I have ever seen. Completely realistic, three-dimensional movie posters with VIDEO embedded in them. That’s right, VIDEO. We’re half a step away from actual movie trailers being embedded in movie posters. Right now they’re doing 8 seconds of video. 3 minutes can’t be far off.

I love movie posters. I obsess over them. And this is by far, the coolest damn thing I have ever seen. It’s just incredible. Check out the original article about this mind-blowing technology on PosterWire. Then click here for a full gallery of test posters.

Word is that the Terminator 2 test poster was made specifically for James Cameron. Don’t be surprised if you see this tech used for Avatar once it’s done. Cameron was just as blown away as the rest of us.

My question is: How much does one of these cost to produce? It cost them $23 million just to develop the technology. How much does one poster cost to make? Is it cheap enough that Hollywood might actually be able to use these as part of a marketing campaign? Or is the price so high that anything on that large of a scale is still a bit down the road?

Josh Tyler