Inferno Will Wait For Lindsay Lohan To Get Out Of Jail

Lindsay Lohan is headed to prison and if that had happened a couple of months ago, to the film world at least, it wouldn’t have mattered. It’s not like she was going to make a sequel to Herbie Fully Loaded and the only potential Lindsay project anyone might care about, Machete, finished filming her part awhile ago. Her career, like her life, hasn’t exactly been going well. But not long ago she was announced as the lead in Inferno, and that seemed like a good idea. Now that she’s headed to jail, just about anything she might have worked on is probably dead or moving on without her. But not Inferno.

The movie’s director Matthew Wilder tells Radar Online that they’ll wait for her. She’s still playing the movie’s lead and they’ll start shooting once she finishes her 90-day prison sentence. Once she’s out of prison, the cameras will start rolling and she’ll get naked. Really naked.

The movie is a biopic, of sorts, focused on Linda Lovelace the star of the world’s most infamous porn movie Deep Throat. Lohan will play Lovelace and Wilder, perhaps sensing that Lindsay will be even more desperate than usual when she’s fresh from jail, is promising to make her film what he describes as “violent nudity”.

Frankly this movie sounds like a bunch of pretentious, exploitative, bullshit. The idea sounded promising at first but listen to how Wilder explains what “violent nudity” means. He says, “For example, linked images of the Vietnam war – that kind of context.” Throughout the Radar piece he keeps pushing the notion that this is an “art” movie which is usually something directors just say to get actresses naked, but in this case I think it means something no one would ever have any interest in watching.

For instance along with the “violent nudity” he’s planning some weird tricks to avoid showing actual sex. He says, “We will not see Lindsay performing oral sex, but there could be some clever play with black boxes or other cinematic tricks that the viewer may see.” Sounds lame. When this project was first announced it sounded like something that could revitalize Lindsay Lohan’s career, later it started to sound like some dude just trying to get her naked, now it sounds like someone throwing feces on replica of the Mona Lisa and dropping it in the middle of an art gallery.

Josh Tyler