Infographics Hilariously, Beautifully Skewer Hollywood Movie Cliches

There are movie tropes that we look forward to seeing in most mainstream films, or at least expect-- the climactic kiss between the two lead actors, the bad guy getting killed in a dramatic fashion, the one-liner that gets back at the bully. Then there are the ones ripe for parody, like "cool guys don't look at explosions" and the expert bomb technician. But it's one thing to simply make fun of Hollywood movie cliches, and another entirely to do it with witty and colorful infographics that make the cliches seem both silly and a lot of fun.

To promote the New York International Latino Film Festival, an ad agency called Wing New York created a series of infographics that pointed out all the silly things we expect in Hollywood movies, as a way of telling you that attending a festival film will show you something different. There are a few that play off the idea that there's a difference between "films" and "movies," which I think is a little ridiculous, but a lot of good ones that point out Hollywood tropes we know and sorta-love. Here are four of my favorites below; click on any of them to see the full set at Adweek:

Something about the flower delivery van one tickles me especially, but I also like the one about the villain and the unarmed hero, because the issue of "monologuing" is both irritating-- as pointed out wittily in The Incredibles-- but also totally necessary to action movies as we know them. Check out many more where this came from over at Adweek.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend