International X-Men Video Shows Off Psylocke's Badass New Weapon

X-Men: Apocalypse is hitting theaters at the end of the month, so you can count on lots of more clips and TV spots hitting the Internet before that time. This latest commercial is actually an international one and it shows off just a bit more footage of the epic mutant on mutant slugfest. While we might be nearing the over-saturation point with clips, it’s hard not to like this one because it shows Olivia Munn’s Psylocke being even more of a total badass.


While most of this is footage we’ve already seen before, there are a few snippets of new action footage, primarily from Psylocke. We previously knew that Psylocke would be wielding a sword, but this footage shows that she can use her powers to make other weapons as well; in this case a whip, which is extremely cool. Now we can speculate on if Psylocke will use any other kind of weapons from energy like a spear, for example.


Of all of the Four Horseman, Psylocke looks to be the most visually interesting. She’s the only one of those characters who is entirely new to the X-Men franchise, and there’s a lot of mystery surrounding her. We’ve got a pretty good idea on Storm and Magneto by this point, but we don’t know what to expect of Psylocke or how she ended up on the side of Apocalypse. She definitely has some of the most original powers seen in the films, and it’ll be excited to see her go head to head with the X-Men. Hopefully, director Bryan Singer keeps her around to use in the future because I want to see more of this cutting cars in half action.



In the comics, Psylocke typically uses her mental powers to create a psychic energy knife, of sorts. She uses this weapon to attack her enemy’s minds and psychically attack them (she’s a close range Professor X in that way). We haven’t seen much evidence of this in the footage released so far, where Psylocke uses a physical katana instead. Olivia Munn went through some pretty serious training to be able to wield that sword, so we’ll see if she manages to handle a whip just as well.


We’ll be able to see the full extent of Psylocke’s powers and all the other Horsemen in the epic X-Men: Apocalypse, which finally hits theaters May 27, 2016.

Matt Wood

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