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For the past three years director Darren Lynn Bousman has made audiences cringe and offered up nightmares with three sequels of the Saw franchise. Now Bousman is moving past his time with Jigsaw (something he says he’s equally glad to have been a part of and glad to be done with) and taking on a project that can only be described as incredibly unique.

The film is Repo: The Genetic Opera, a movie that meshes together the genres of horror, science fiction, and musicals as it tells the story of a futuristic “repo man” who reclaims body parts when people can’t keep up with their payments.

Bousman recently talked with us about his upcoming film and why he felt the need to do something so unique that it may be beyond marketing. To listen to our complete interview with Darren Lynn Bousman click the play button below or use the direct download link at the bottom of this page. (Warning: This episode does contain a small amount of profanity)

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