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Invaded By Invasion Images

The 2007 remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers with Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig, and a cut down title (just The Invasion thank you very much) is only a few weeks away. To help ramp up interest in the film, Warner Brothers sent over a bajilion new images from the picture. Okay, maybe a bajilion is an overstatement. More like thirty. Yes, thirty pictures of Nicole Kidman looking freaked out in about thirty different ways.

The movie takes place after a mysterious crash of a space shuttle, leading to the discovery of something alien. It turns out the alien invasion is bigger than Dr. Carol Bennell (Nicole Kidman) and Ben Driscoll (Daniel Craig) discovered, as people are infected in their sleep leading to an unfeeling and unhuman pall to the physically unchanged victims. Carol has to figure out who to trust and how to stave off sleep until she can find her son, who might be part of the solution to the alien infestation.

The movie hits theaters August 17th. For now click any of the thumbnails below to take a look at our Invasion photo gallery: