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The new Iron Man 2 trailer which was supposed to debut tonight after the Oscars on Jimmy Kimmel Live is now, also online. And wow is it ever. You’ve never seen any Iron Man trailer quite like this. All the questions we’ve had, all the speculation, it’s all laid out here in one of the most eyepopping superhero trailers you’ll ever see.

A few quick hits from the trailer: Black Widow is Tony Stark’s notary public, the portable suitcase Iron Man armor is shown and confirmed, Sam Rockwell has a pretty pivotal role and seems to be the brain behind Whiplash’s evil, there’s a detailed recruiting discussion between Sam Jackson as Nick Fury and Tony Stark, oh and don’t miss a pretty fan freakin tastic shot of Tony Stark letting Black Widow try out the armor that is not to be missed. I’m sure you can spot at least half a dozen more revelations in this thing given time. Expect a detailed, screencap gallery of still images on Cinema Blend a little later. For now, what are you waiting for? Watch the new Iron Man 2 trailer!

Get a more in-depth look at the new Iron Man 2 trailer by checking out 99 high-def screencaps from it right here.

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