Iron Man 2 Reveals Black Widow Spoilers, Possibly

I'd like to meet one person who didn't think the first trailer for Iron Man 2 was awesome. It gave movie geeks everything they could want without giving too much. A little bit of Robert Downey Jr. being way cooler than we can ever be. A little bit of Whiplash kicking some ass. A little bit of War Machine. And of course, a little bit of Scalett Johansson as Black Widow. Perhaps a little more than we originally thought (no, not boobies).

MTV picked up on a small detail of the trailer that many of us missed, something that can't be entirely confirmed but something that might imply a major plot point. *SPOILERS AHEAD* A screen cap of the trailer at the 1:40 mark reveals what looks to be a patch on Black Widow's left arm (stage left) under her mess of curly hair. Although the patch is barely visible, it looks like it may well be a S.H.I.E.L.D. patch, implying that within the time frame of the movie (or perhaps, before) good ol' Nick Fury will recruit Black Widow to help out his crew. For those unaware, this would be especially surprising because that would mean that within the flick (or sometime before), Black Widow will become Iron Man's ally rather than a Russian spy chick trying to assassinate him.

Of course, it could just be something that looks very similar to a S.H.I.E.L.D. patch. Check it out for yourself below:

And here's the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo as shown in Marvel comics:

Interestingly, when this same scene was released as a still photo, it shows Black Widow's other shoulder which has no patch. It's only visible on the right shoulder shown in the trailer. Here's the still photo version of her patchless left shoulder: