Though Marvel's strict policies of secrecy mean that a lot of the big details of Iron Man 3 remain a mystery to us, a few tidbits have been leaking out as the production continues in Wilmington, North Carolina-- nothing earth-shattering, but enough to pique the interest of any comic-loving geek. And a lot of them have come from our friend Da7e, who when he's not co-hosting Operation Kino or helping us cover Comic Con, provides his Marvel scoops over at Latino Review, where he's launched a very, very intriguing one today.

Remember the new suit of Iron Man armor they showed off at Comic Con? If you missed it, you can see a whole bunch of photos of it here. Anyway, it was displayed on the convention floor along with the 7 other Iron Man suits we've seen in the other films, which led most of us to call it the Mach 8. But wait! Over at Latino Review Da7e says that armor is actually the Mach XLVII… or the 47th armor.

How does that work? Da7e's sources tell him the grand finale of the film has Tony Stark using an army of many Iron Man armors to fight Ben Kingsley's The Mandarin, because whatever forces The Mandarin manages to conjure are too much for a single guy in a suit. Who knows how Tony manages to conjure up so many of the suits, but given how much his technological savvy has evolved from film to film, we have to assume he can pull it off somehow. Iron Man 3 ought to be wrapping up production soon, and director Shane Black will be heading into the dark recesses of the editing room to get it ready for a May 3 release next year. Click here to see photos and everything else we know about the movie so far.

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