Given the amount of Iron Man 3 news that has arrived online in the past few days, it was wise of Marvel to come up with a hub where most of the trailers, clips and Super Bowl television spots could be housed … a one-stop shopping site for all of your Iron Man needs.

Marvel fans, bookmark the official Iron Man site and start scrolling around for fresh content. What might you find? Right off the bat, the site has the Big Game TV Spot that aired on CBS, showing Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) trying to rescue Air Force One passengers after they’re sucked out of a gaping hole in the airplane’s side. This ranks as one of those spectacular sequences I really wish Marvel had somehow managed to keep under wraps until opening week. In fact, the less I watch of the clip, the better … but if studying footage ro clues is your bag, the site has you covered.

In addition, the cool design of the interactive Web site allows fans to peruse high-resolution images from Shane Black’s upcoming sequel, play games, download wallpapers for your iPad and iPhone, read a plot synopsis of the film and more. Do you know what never made it online? The amazing Iron Man 3 Comic-Con footage, which made great use of Run DMC’s "Christmas in Hollis," and reminded fans that there’s a great sense of humor to Iron Man which Downey and Black haven’t overlooked. I wonder if that sequence made it into the finished film?

We’ll find out for sure when Iron Man 3 opens in theaters on May 3.

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