This is going to be a very busy week for Marvel Studios and, specifically, its Iron Man 3 project.

A final trailer is scheduled to drop online on Tuesday, March 5. And a brand new poster has been photographed in a theater lobby and shared (via ComingSoon), which we have in lo-res, Instagram form. Expect a high-res version to appear online shortly now that this one-sheet is making the rounds.

For those interested in tracking it down, a bootlegged version of the new Iron Man 3 trailer has been circulating online this morning, but it’s from a Mexican movie theater and has been dubbed into Spanish. The quality, also, is poor and it’s advised that you simply wait for Tuesday’s official trailer to arrive so that you can see all of the amazing sequences director Shane Black and his leading man, Robert Downey Jr., have in store.

I will say, having seen the bootlegged trailer, that the concept of escalation seems important for Marvel when it comes to this movie. Iron Man 3 has the distinct pleasure (and possible disadvantage) of being the first movie to come out after the massive spectacle that is The Avengers, and the studio might feel like they’d be taking a step backward is the standalone features that are part of the Phase II timeline were “smaller” in execution. Because Iron Man 3 has some massive tricks hiding up its iron sleeve, and we’re going to see them all in their entirety come May 3. Keep your eyes open for a better shot of this poster, and we’ll have the trailer as soon as it drops on Tuesday.

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