Lego Iron Man 3 poster

The concept here is pretty simple: this is what the Iron Man 3 posters would look like with plastic toys at the center of them instead of humans. It's the kind of thing you can imagine some bored and inventive kids coming up with, except given that they're made by Lego and Marvel in conjunction, they look just the slightest bit more professional. Here's another one, complete with a bunch of other flying Iron Legos in the background.

Lego Iron man 3 poster

Don't recognize these posters? I'm not entirely sure how-- I feel like the entire world has been blanketed with Iron Man 3 marketing for the last year and a half-- but here's a refresher:

Iron Man 3 teaser poster Iron Man 3 poster final

There are still some other Iron Man 3 posters that haven't gotten the Lego treatment, but I guess I'm not entirely surprised the didn't do the one with Iron Man falling from the sky and on fire. Plenty of kids have set their Legos aflame over the years, but that's probably not something the manufacturers can recommend you do with their toys.

The release of Iron Man 3 is now only a few weeks away, and with a movie marathon planned and T-shirts to buy and adorable GIFs of Robert Downey Jr. doing interviews in France to watch, there are a ton of different ways to prepare for the big event. If you really want to get in on the game, recreate these official Lego posters with your own version. We can't offer a prize or anything, but we'll be super impressed.

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