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When Shane Black's Iron Man 3 hits theaters on May 3rd you can be sure that there will be plenty of geeks who show up to the midnight show in costume. Some may just come up with a simple Tony Stark design - wearing a dark wifebeater, sunglasses, and a arc reactor on their chest - and others will be wearing plastic store-bought red and gold armor, but the biggest hardcore fans will likely go all out, wearing a full on homemade suit like this one (though how they will fit in tiny movie theater seats will be a mystery). But for those of you who are looking to display their fanhood but don't want to put a ton of time, money or effort in, we have just the link for you.

Threadless, the online T-shirt website, has opened up a new collection that celebrates all things Iron Man just in time for the new movie. There are 22 designs in total, all priced at $23.50 before tax and shipping, and there are some pretty badass designs on display from some really cool artists. You can see the entire gallery over on their site, but look below for some of our favorites.

Iron Man Shirt 2

Iron Man Shirt 3

Iron Man Shirt 4

Iron Man Shirt 5

Iron Man Shirt 6

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