Iron Man Thinks Hulk Is In Civil War, Here's What Mark Ruffalo Says

If it seems like almost every superhero from the Marvel Cinematic Universe is appearing in Captain America: Civil War…well, that’s correct. They key word, though, is "almost." One of the notable absentees from the cast list is Mark Ruffalo, who we all know as Dr. Bruce Banner, a.k.a. The Hulk. Filming is currently underway on the threequel, but there’s been no word from Marvel about Banner visiting. Robert Downey Jr., however, seems to think that Tony Stark’s fellow science bro will make an appearance.

Ruffalo told The Daily Beast that while no one from the film’s production has gotten in touch with him yet, the Iron Man actor called him up recently under the impression that he would be on set in Atlanta soon. As Ruffalo describes it:

I don’t know! I heard a rumor about that the other day. I haven’t seen a script, nobody’s told me, and I don’t have dates. But I can only hope so! … I was talking to Robert Downey the other day, and he said, ‘Ruffalo! I heard you’re coming out here,’ and I said, ‘OK! I’ll be there.’

Downey is notorious for his dry wit, so it’s possible that he was just having a little fun with his Avengers: Age of Ultron costar, and Ruffalo knows he’s kidding. On the other hand, maybe Downey is privy to top-secret information about a Banner appearance…or mistakingly heard that Ruffalo would be involved. This isn’t the first time that it’s been rumored Hulk will show up in the third Captain America adventure. A report last week said that he will supposedly show up to fight General Thaddeus Ross, who will have transformed into Red Hulk, but this hasn’t been confirmed.

Frankly, Hulk’s fate post-Avengers: Age of Ultron is shrouded in mystery. When we last saw the Green Goliath, he had cut off communication with Black Widow inside the Quinjet and was flying to an unknown destination. We’ve speculated on where we might see him next, but other than Hulk reportedly returning for the Avengers: Infinity War movies, there’s been no word on whether we’ll see him in another Phase Three movie. If Downey’s correct, then perhaps we can expect Banner to pop in, though I can’t imagine it would be anything more than a minor appearance like his Iron Man 3 cameo. There’s also no guarantee that he would transform into his rageaholic alter-ego.

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters with or without Hulk on May 6, 2016.

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