Here's Every Iron Man Suit Tony Stark Has Worn In The MCU

Marvel fans have seen Tony Stark operate as Iron Man wearing a variety of different armored suits over the years, but it’s hard to keep with exactly how many have appeared on the big screen. Fortunately, now you can see all of them flash before your eyes in seconds. Check out this new gif of every Iron Man suit seen over the course of his six appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Click here to see the comprehensive gif in action. Made by tool sales website MMToolParts (found via TheNextWeb), this gif starts off with the primitive, clunky Mark I armor Tony made in Iron Man to escape his terrorist captors and concludes with the Mark XLV armor that he wore during Avengers: Age of Ultron’s climactic battle in Sokovia. In case you aren’t well-versed in Roman numerals, all together there are 45 different armors that appear over the course of 30 seconds. Because this gif is limited to what Tony has worn/built himself, you won’t see James Rhodes’ War Machine and Iron Patriot suits. True, Tony did technical build them, but if he didn’t personally wear them or operate them, they don’t count.

The Mark I armor freed Tony from captivity, but the billionaire industrialist kicked off his armor hobby with the Mark II armor, where resulted in a sleeker design and sustained flight. He subsequently weaponized the Mark III, and tested his armor’s new offensive capabilities against the terrorists who held him hostage months before.

If most of the suits in the gif don’t look familiar, that’s because they’re part of the Iron Legion that Tony called in for backup against Aldrich Killian and his forces in Iron Man 3. Tony donned a few of them while battling Killian and the Extremis soldiers, while the others were flying around on autopilot. 

Then, of course, Avengers: Age of Ultron featured arguably the most powerful model seen so far: the Hulkbuster. Normal Iron Man armor won’t cut it when Hulk goes berserk, so Tony called upon the massive Mark XLIV, nicknamed Veronica, which was actually worn while he was already armored up. So consider it armor for your armor.

Although this gif is current, someone will need to update it when Captain America: Civil War. Although it hasn’t been officially identified by Marvel, leaked concept art shows that Tony will wear a new suit for the 2016 blockbuster, which he will be using against his former ally Steve Rogers. With the Avengers: Infinity War movies on the way as well, it doesn’t look like Tony’s construction of this impressive weaponry will be ending anytime soon.

Adam Holmes
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