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This Planet Hulk Trailer Imagines The Hulk Movie We Need

While Marvel Studios seems a tad bit unclear on the subject of what to do next with Hulk, fans have spent years clamoring for a live-action adaptation of the popular arc known as Planet Hulk. But what would this movie look like? Thanks to a brand new fan trailer, we have a nice little idea.

Edited together by the folks at the YouTube channell UltraSargent, this fan trailer brings together clips from films like The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Thor: The Dark World, The Avengers, Ang Lee's Hulk and more to try and capture the spirit of what a Planet Hulk movie could be. And while it's somewhat limited in scope simply due to the material that's available, it's still pretty damn cool.

Written by Greg Pak and first started in 2006, the Planet Hulk storyline found the members of the Marvel Universe's Illuminati voting that Bruce Banner and the Hulk were simply too dangerous to stay on Earth. As a result, they make the decision to put the green monster into a ship and launch him into space. After passing through a wormhole, Hulk winds up crash landing on a planet called Sakaar, and while he is at first imprisoned and forced to fight in gladiator battles, he actually winds up becoming king (it's a shame that the people who made this video could edit Hulk into some John Carter footage). While it takes the name Planet Hulk, this trailer seems to focus more on what would be the aftermath of those events - called World War Hulk - which sees the olive beast returning to Earth and seeking vengeance against those who sent him away.

The subject of a Planet Hulk movie has been brought up multiple times in the past - and has been coming up a lot recently thanks to the end of The Avengers: Age of Ultron - but it is understandable why Marvel Studios has been a bit iffy on going with this approach. As Mark Ruffalo has pointed out, adapting Planet Hulk means pretty much cutting the Bruce Banner character out of the equation, which doesn't seem to really interest him as an actor.

Still, fans seem to like the idea of a live-action Planet Hulk film eventually being made, so perhaps one day Marvel Studios will be willing to get it done. Do you think it would be a good direction for the character, or would you like to see them do something else? Answer our poll below, and hit the comments with your thoughts!

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