Bad Teacher might not have got the same positive buzz as Bridesmaids, but the Cameron Diaz comedy did alright for itself, having taken in $215 million worldwide on a $30 million budget. Like it or not, bad reviews become sort of irrelevant when you've got $185 million dollars of fuck-you money. (This is known as "The Michael Bay Phenomenon.") Bad Teacher's success is certainly good news for the careers of screenwriters Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg. There is still no word on a probably inevitable Bad Teacher sequel, but now the pair are spending some of that heat and reuniting with Bad Teacher director Jake Kasdan on a new comedy project for Sony.

Deadline has some details of the as-yet-untitled comedy. It centers on two best friends (one of them a Supercuts manager, although why that detail is important enough to mention I do not know) who hit hard times after one talks the other into breaking off his impending marriage...and then falls for his buddy's new ex. Sounds pretty generic, so it'll all come down to casting and whether the script is solid.

As for whether that's likely, Stupnitsky and Eisenberg's resume suggests it could go either way. Before Bad Teacher, the pair worked as writers and co-exec producers on NBC's The Office. They were also, however, responsible for Year One, perhaps the single unfunniest comedy I've ever seen. Obviously somebody likes them, though, because they've recently worked on the screenplay for the long-gestating, possibly-never-happening Ghostbusters III.

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