You pretty much can't turn a corner these days without running into James Franco. He's hosting the Oscars and nominated for one, just joined Twitter so he could post adorable pictures of himself napping with kittens, and pops up on Funny or Die when he gets bored with everything else. This fall we'll get a chance to once again see Franco in the kind of giant blockbuster that first made him famous way back in the Spider-Man days; he'll be one of the human heroes in Rise of the Apes, the prequel to the classic sci-fi film coming from Fox in time for Thanksgiving.

While we still don't really know what the apes will look like this time, Fox has released the first image of the film to JoBlo, with Franco front and center. Granted, it doesn't exactly reveal anything-- Franco pretty much just looks ilk the young scientist he's supposed to be playing-- but a new image is a new image. Check it out below and cross your fingers for something more interesting to pop up next.

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