Jamie Campbell Bower To Play Jace Wayland In The Mortal Instruments

Jamie Campbell Bower is what you might call a young adult adaptation veteran. Only 22 years old he, mush like Robert Pattinson, has had roles in both the Harry Potter and Twilight series, but unlike Pattinson has never had a starring role. Now he's finally gotten his big break.

Variety reports that Bower has officially been cast as Jace Wayland in the Scott Stewart-directed adaptation of The Mortal Instruments. Based on the popular line of books by Cassandra Clare, the books are about a group called the Shadowhunters that track and kill demons. Jace is a member of this group and is on a mission to avenge the death of his father. Jess Postigo wrote the adaptation, which is expected to be the first of at least six. In addition to his work in Twilight and Harry Potter, Bower also played Anthony in Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd and stars as King Arthur on Camelot. Lily Collins will also star in the film.

I know that a lot of fans were hoping that Alex Pettyfer would take the part (despite the fact that he actually turned it down a few months ago), but what do you think? Is Jamie Campbell Bower a solid choice to play Jace Wayland?

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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