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With Resident Evil: Retribution behind him, and the upcoming Resident Evil: Reconfabulation - or whatever it ends up being called – looming next September, Paul W.S. Anderson needs a way to make some part of 2013 miserable for people who like cinema. And while it didn’t seem possible that the rocky path to production for his Pompeii epic would ever end, apparently it has. Hooray? Luckily, the latest casting addition adds a bit of credibility to the disaster flick.

Next to join Anderson’s 3-D action-adventure, according to The Hollywood Reporter, is Jared Harris. In just the last five years, Harris has wowed audiences as Lane Pryce on Mad Men, as Professor Moriarty in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, as the dubious David Robert Jones on Fringe and as Ulysses S. Grant in Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln. So obviously the next step in his burgeoning career is to reteam with Anderson for a 3-D volcano movie. Well it isn’t quite a reteam since Harris’ appearance in Resident Evil: Apocalypse was directed by Alexander Witt, but Anderson wrote it, and it’s possible they got into some kind of an on-set bet that Harris lost, which might be enough to explain his return.

Pompeii, set in 79 A.D., centers around Milo (with Kit Harington in talks to play him), a slave-turned-badass who falls in love with Flavia, the daughter of the merchant who owned him. Against an impeding volcanic Armageddon, Milo must race through the doomed city in order to rescue his love, who happens to be betrothed to an evil Roman general. Harris, always the villain, will play Lucretius, Flavia’s wealthy father. Harris can next be seen in the supernatural flick The Quiet Ones and The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. He has also lending his voice talents to stop-motion animation studio Laika’s next film The Boxtrolls.