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Jeffrey Dean Morgan Will Hunt Colin Farrell's Psychic Serial Killer In Solace

While Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s television career, including roles on Grey’s Anatomy, Supernatural and Magic City, has been an all-around success, his cinematic career has been uneven at best, balancing mediocre big-budget films like Watchmen and Red Dawn with mediocre low-budget thrillers like The Possession and The Resident. It appears his next film will probably fall into the “mediocre middling-budget” category.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Morgan is next set to star in the supernatural thriller Solace from director Alfonso Poyart (Two Rabbits). In this case, though, the supernatural part of it doesn’t involve ghosts, but psychic abilities.

He’ll play a veteran FBI agent leading the hunt for a violent serial killer, played by Colin Farrell. The agent enlists the aid of a former doctor, played by Anthony Hopkins, who also happens to have psychic abilities. But it turns out the killer is also a psychic, and the two men presumably play a cat-and-mouse game that goes everywhere and nowhere all at once.

This rather sketchy premise is given a jolt of credibility with the involvement of Peter Morgan, the Academy Award-nominated screenwriter behind Frost/Nixon and The Queen. But he redrafted a script which was already worked on by Sean Bailey, James Vanderbilt and Ted Griffin, the latter two of which are equally as impressive as Peter Morgan. But it’s still a psychic serial killer movie, not the most prestigious of sub-genres.

Luckily, Morgan should be appearing in a wider variety of films in the next year or so, with the dark comic thriller The Adventures of Beatle in post-production, and Supreme Ruler, The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, The World Made Straight and The Rut all in various stages of pre-production.

Nick Venable

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