Jennifer Lawrence's Silver Linings Playbook Wardrobe Fetches Thousands At Auction

Do you know how much you’d have to pay to get into Bradley Cooper’s pants? $262. At least, that’s how much it cost someone to get into the specific pair of pants that Cooper wore for his Oscar-nominated role in David O. Russell’s Silver Linings Playbook.

Nat D. Sanders handles Hollywood memorabilia auctions on its Web site, with an SLP prop dump concluding on Feb. 28. Not surprisingly, props associated with Cooper’s co-star – Jennifer Lawrence – fetched top dollar in the auction, thanks (no doubt) to her recent Best Actress win at the Oscars. The coat she wore in the above photo went for a whopping $4,652, while the custom-made pants that the actress wore in the climactic dance scene nabbed $3,493. That’s some serious coin to drop for articles of clothing worn by stars in movies, even if they are authentic “screen-worn” items, as promised by the site.

If only Cooper had bested Daniel Day-Lewis in the Best Actor category. Then maybe the shirts and pants that he wore in Russell’s Oscar-winning drama could have reached four-digit heights. Instead, his grey hoodie topped out at $624. Sadly, the actor’s signature trash bag wasn’t available for auction.

You know what item would fetch a pretty penny? The Oscar dress that tripped Lawrence on her way to the podium at the Academy Awards. That’s Hollywood history at this point, though the legacy of JLaw is really just beginning. Put Katniss Everdeen’s Hunger Games outfits up for auction. Raffle off her Mystique body paint from X-Men: First Class. We’ll raise enough to solve world hunger before year’s end if this keeps up.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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