Jennifer Lynch’s Chained is a deeply dark horror film, filled with anatomy, killings, and plenty of mental manipulation. Chained is about a horrible happening, and the subsequent time period when a boy named ‘Rabbit’ is stuck with a serial killer, who teaches him the tricks of the trade. If you haven’t caught the film, you’ll be able to soon; Chained will hit Blu-ray and DVD on October 2. To get us excited about the flick, Anchor Bay Films has a short clip for fans to help explain how the nightmare begins.

The clip shows a stark garage, barren except for trash and some cleaning items and tools. It’s the sort of garage that wouldn’t seem very scary, if we weren’t aware something bad was about to happen. “The Garage” clip is a great introduction to the serial killer scenario and it makes me want to find out what happens next.

Chained was directed by Jennifer Lynch, who has not been the most prolific movie director of all time. Her 1993 film, Boxing Helena, was made when she was only 19. After a long break, the less famous member of the Lynch clan returned in 2006 with Surveillance and has since churned out two other flicks, including Chained. I can’ t tell you about the quality of the film, but I can talk about the bonus features, which include commentary, an unrated deleted scene, and the trailer. With such a messed up premise, I’m sure this film earns it’s R rating, and I’m not sure I would even want to delve into that unrated extra, but I’m also a notorious chicken.

If you found the clip super intriguing, you can pre-order the film over at Amazon.

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