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Even though he's not even two years removed from his Best Actor Oscar nomination for The Social Network, Jesse Eisenberg has felt weirdly absent lately. It might because when he was playing Mark Zuckerberg he was absolutely everywhere, and since then he's appeared only in tiny movies (Free Samples, Why Stop Now) or small studio films that nobody saw (30 Minutes Or Less, To Rome With Love). OK, he also voiced one of the birds in Rio, but that barely even counts.

Anyway, Eisenberg is on his way back early next year in the magician heist thriller Now You See Me, but much more intriguing is his team-up with Submarine director Richard Ayoade for The Double, a loose adaptation of a novel by Dostoevsky. Eisenberg stars as an ordinary man who slowly loses his grip on reality when he encounters his doppelgänger, and we've now got our first look at Eisenberg-- or is it his double?-- in two images that emerged at the French site Cinema Teaser. Take a look below.

To call these dark and brooding is an understatement, and though the subject matter alone suggested the movie would be a major shift from Ayoade's coming-of-age comedy Submarine, it's remarkable to see just how different this will be. Ayoade has built a fascinating career so far, starring on the British TV comedy The IT Crowd and in this summer's The Watch, but also developing as a director to watch. We don't know yet when we'll see The Double here in the U.S.-- rumor has it that it might debut at Sundance in January-- but surely it will make its way here sooner or later.

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