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We’ve had dueling volcano movies, dueling asteroid movies and, recently, dueling Snow White movies. But dueling Alfred Hitchcock films? They appear to be coming together.

Jessica Biel just joined the one directed by Sacha Gervasi titled Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho. Let’s hope that name switches, because right now, it sounds like a supplement you’d find on a Blu-ray. Deadline reports that Biel will play Vera Mills, the actress who starred as Lila Crane in Hitchcock’s masterpiece. Biel will join a previously cast Scarlett Johansson (as Janet Leigh) and James D’Arcy (as Tony Perkins). In addition, Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren have been cast as the iconic director and his wife, Alma.

That’s tremendous casting all around. Those who have read this script are comparing the behind-the-scenes nature of the project to My Week with Marilyn, with Johansson getting the kind of beefy role Michelle Williams had with Marilyn Monroe. The casting alone immediately gives Gervasi’s project a leg up over its rival Hitchcock project, The Girl, which casts Toby Jones as the Master of Suspense as he toiled away on The Birds with beautiful blonde Tippi Hedren (Sienna Miller). The Daily Mail recently had a first-look photo of Jones as Hitch. It looks good, but the Psycho cast is to die for … literally.

I’m a huge Hitchcock fan. I’m thrilled that modern filmmakers are revisiting his work, interpreting his process for a contemporary audience. And so far, the casting decisions have been inspired. Which of the two are you more excited for? And why? Let us know in the comments section below.

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